Mocha Payments is proud to offer smart bank transfers with contactless QR payments. This solution is designed to provide retail businesses with lower costs, faster settlement times, and enhanced security. This patented payment process enables ‘smart bank transfers’ between retail businesses and their customers.

How it Works In-store

Someone making a smart ACH payment with their mobile phonw

A customer creates an account online through a custom app that connects to their bank account. At the place of business, the customer will scan a QR code at the register to pay. Payments are typically processed in 24 hours.

Boost Sales

In today’s technology age most people would prefer to make secure payments through a secure bank transfer from their mobile device. In fact, a survey by Onbe, found that 74% percent of people surveyed prefer a digital payment method to traditional forms.

Customized Dashboard

You’ll be able to manage all of your payment data in a customized, easy-to-use dashboard. With low processing fees and faster settlement times, there’s really no reason not to offer smart ACH processing. Contact Mocha Payments today to learn more.