Mocha Payments leverages the knowledge gained from over 30 years of retail POS experience to provide a unique credit card processing solution for retail and restaurants, as well as bank transfers with low fees and fast settlement times. Our on-boarding process is transparent, our rates are competitive, and our service is trusted.

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Why Mocha Payments

We are proud to offer the most effective hardware and software solutions to enable secure transactions for your company. 


When you reach out to us you can expect quality service from experts in the retail industry.

POS Solutions

Mocha Payments is a single point of contact for all your POS needs, we offer many business solutions to meet your point-of-sale needs.

The Mocha Difference

Mocha is transparent, competitive, and trusted.

Multiprocessor ISO

Mocha is able to compare a few processing systems to analyze rates/fees and compatibility with your existing hardware/software systems.

Dedicated Team

Mocha’s in-house customer service team can assist with any merchant processing issues/questions (e.g. chargebacks, risk mitigation, settlements, PCI compliance, etc).

Annual Audits

Mocha is able to provide annual pricing evaluations and audits, to ensure that pricing stays competitive for the life of the account.

Mocha Payments Cost

With Mocha Payments our objective is to give you the best price possible for Credit Card Processing
in a clear, concise manner, with no complicated or hidden charges.

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Mocha Payments has a credit card processing plan that is right for you, no matter your size or the volume of your transactions.

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Unbeatable Rates

We work with clients that have multiple storefronts, as well as businesses with one shop. We promise to meet or beat your current rates regardless of your size.
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Custom Plans

We understand that all companies are not the same and we are here to provide you with a custom plan that will meet your needs.

Some of our fans

“Mendham Garden Center has been a family-owned business since 1960 and because of that, we’ve always had good checks and balances. One of those checks is from my father, who was recently going over our finances for the month and noticed significant savings with our credit card processing fees. And this was during our slow months! I can’t wait to see how much Mocha Payments will save us during our busy season.”
Doug Mendham
Mendham Garden Center
“The Mocha team has been my number one recommendation for my customers for over 4 years, and they have done a fantastic job of providing support to my team and to my clients. Their Partner revenue share program has been substantially better for my earnings (compared to other processors), and I trust that they will continue to provide the support to maintain these accounts for many years to come.”
James Caulkins
“I’ve been providing consulting services to retailers for over 30 years. My focus has been on evaluating retail systems and providing strategies for utilizing the systems. Over the years I’ve been asked by a number of clients to help them make sense of their credit card processing fees. The challenge has always been reconciling the quoted and actual fees my clients were paying. I was contacted by an old friend and a trusted provider of retail systems, Dave Albert. Dave established Mocha Payments to provide clear and transparent pricing to his retail clients. He brought a true professional in the payment industry, Stu Kehler as Director of Merchant Services. Stu has provided a clear and transparent analysis to several of my clients of their true processing costs. In all cases, Stu has provided substantial cost savings.”
Dick Calio
R.J. Calio consulting
“We recommend Mocha for all of our new and existing clients. We’ve seen time and again that Mocha can deliver excellent service, quick and accurate VAR sheets for our techs, and do so while saving our clients money. The biggest selling point for our clients has been the ability to get in touch with Mocha’s support staff, to quickly get answers or resolutions. Recently, we had a client that could not process debit card transactions in Counterpoint. We worked with their processor for months, with no success. After recommending Mocha Payments, they transitioned one site over, and the debit card problem went away. We are currently in the process of transitioning all their sites.”
Brian Royal